Drive Tyre Diameter (m)

Spread Width (m)

Number of Turns

Material Mass (kg)

Application Rate

Calibration Procedure

This procedure should be used as method for checking application rates.

1. A small quantity of material should be loaded into the hopper. Ensure the material covers the rear wall of the hopper around the feed door and turn the drive wheel to prime the feedbelt. Material should be falling evenly off the end of the feedbelt before starting this test.
2. Place a tarpaulin or loader bucket under the spinners.
3. Turn the drive wheel a set number of turns and collect the material discharged from the spreader. To ensure the accuracy of the test result a minimum of 20kg of fertiliser should be discharged from the spreader during the test.
4. Weigh the material collected and enter the data into the calculator. Details on each parameter are provided below.
5. The calculator outputs the application rate based on the machine settings and the material collected during the test.

Wheel Diameter

Measure the diameter of the drive tyre. On jockey wheel drive models the drive tyre is located on the gearbox jockey arm. On the vee-belt driven models, the drive tyre is the spreader tyre.

Number of Turns

The number of turns of the drive wheel during the test.

Material Mass

Mass of the material collected. Recommended scale accuracy 0.1kg.